The Sacramento Center for Psychotherapy provides a full Training Program in Group Therapy. The program includes an introductory course (12 meetings), participation in a process group (weekly group meetings for a year), an advanced course (weekly meetings for a year and a half) and a supervision group (weekly meetings). This training program can be given online or face-to-face. You can join the entire program or take parts of it. The training program meets the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) requirements (To learn more click here) so after completing the program and meeting the requirement of leading 300 hours of groups,  you can apply for the CGP certification.



In collaboration with BEIJING RENXINLIAI COUNSELING Center. Training program started in August 2017. Click for the CAP group Advanced course flier (in Chinese) and China Group Therapy Advanced class syllabus (English and Chinese) and for the Process group flier (in Chinese)

Large Group in Beijing, China, December 2018

Participants of the Large Group in Beijing, December 2018

For an interview with Dr. Haim Weinberg, about the AGPA, differences between groups in different cultures and the Chinese training program, click here

Participants of the large group in Beijing December 2019


Group Therapy Introduction Course given in Beijing to CASSGO (China-America Society for the Study of Groups and Organizations), December 2019


Training program started in April 2018. Southeast Asia flier introductory course.  Southeast Asia flier Process Group.   Introductory course syllabus and process group syllabus

Participants of one of the courses in Singapore, January 2019

Participants of the Group Therapy Introduction course in Singapore, Dec 2019


Participants of a Seminar on group therapy given in Jakarta Dec 2019

Training program started in November 2020. Click here for the flier about the first online introductory course November 2020 – March 2021.

Click here for the flier about the second online introductory course March – May 2021.


Training program started August 2019. Click here for the program in Japanese: Japan training program flier.

Click here for the flier about the introductory course.  for the syllabus of the introductory course with Japanese translation and for the flier about the process group with Japanese translation

See Facebook Page in Japanese

Participants in the introductory course in Tokyo, August 2019

Click here for the flier about the advanced course focusing on scapegoating, trauma and difficult patients in groups. November 2019-April 2020

Click here for the online therapy course syllabus 2020_日本語 June-September 2020

Click here for the introduction to Group Analysis online course November 2020 – May 2021

Sacramento Center for Psychotherapy Scholarship for International Training of Group Therapy was established for young Japanese colleagues to help them join the training program. Its committee members include Dr. Kaoru Nishimura, Dr. Martha Gilmore, Dr. Robi Friedman, Dr. Haim Weinberg. See the scholarship document here.

Kai Ogimoto (Sagami Women’s University) and Emi Ibi were announced the  the Sacramento Center for Psychotherapy International Scholars for 2019-2020.

Yoshie Ohashi and Yuri Kitahara were announced the  the Sacramento Center for Psychotherapy International Scholars for 2020-2021.

Interested? Contact Haim Weinberg at or call 916-212-6424.