Lecture-Page-Image2Haim Weinberg, PhD, has conducted workshops, lectured, and presented in local and international conferences for many years. This includes participating and presenting in the AGPA annual meetings since 1997, the IAGP triannual conferences since 1987, and the GASi conferences since 1999 as well as leading the Large Group at AGPA in 2006 & 2007.

Click the links below to watch Haim’s lectures

40th Annual Foulkes lecture (London, UK, May 2016)
Online group therapy (in Hebrew. Tel Aviv, May 2018)

Lectures on online group therapy:

Webinar: for the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) – October 2022: The Hybrid Model

Webinar: for the Group Analytic Society (GASi): From the circle to the screen – online groups

Course about Online Group Therapyhttps://www.zurinstitute.com/course/online-group-psychotherapy/

אפריל 2021: וובינר על השעיר לעזאזל בקבוצה למכון הישראלי לאנליזה קבוצתית

אפריל 2021: וובינר:  טיפול מרחוק: איך עושים את זה? לאלכ”א-ג’וינט

אפריל 2021: וובינר עם הדגמת קבוצה אונליין לאלכ”א-ג’וינט

Podcast about my way to the group therapy world and why group therapy is powerful: https://thetraumatherapistproject.squarespace.com/podcast/being-in-the-moment-group-psychotherapy-with-dr-haim-weinberg


Haim Weinberg was the keynote speaker in the following conferences since 2015:

  • The Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angles (GPALA) annual conference (LA, CA, USA, April 2015)
  • The Iowa Psychological Association (IPA) Fall conference (Des Moines, Iowa, USA, October 2015)
  • The Dutch Group Psychotherapy Association Annual conference (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November, 2015)
  • The Mid-Atlantic Group Psychotherapy Association (MAGPS) conference (Washington, DC, USA, April 2016)
  • The Houston Group Psychotherapy Association (HGPS) Institute conference (Houston, Texas, USA, April 2016)
  • The Group Analytic Society international (GASi) Annual Foulkes lecture (London, UK, May 2016)
  • The Redwood Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (RECAMFT) event (Santa Rosa, CA, USA, November 2016)
  • The Seattle Sound Puget Group Psychotherapy Network (PSGPN) conference (Seattle, WA, USA, May 2017)
  • The Hawaiian Island Group Psychotherapy Society (HIGPS) Institute with Martha Gilmore (Ohau & Maui, Hawaii, October, 2017)
  • The Finnish Association for Group Psychotherapy and The Finnish Group-Analytic Society (Helsinki, Finland, October 2018).
  • The Indoneisan Mental Health conference (online, 2021).
  • The Croatian Institute of Group Analysis (Zagreb, Croatia, September 2022).


Dr. Weinberg lectures on many issues such as: group processes and group therapy, group analysis, online groups, multicultural issues, conflict resolution, Relational and intersubjective approaches to psychotherapy, trauma groups, Internet & Large Groups and the Social Unconscious. To view a list of Dr. Weinberg’s presentations click here

To invite Dr. Weinberg for a presentation please write to haimw@group-psychotherapy.com