I see life difficulties as a challenge & an opportunity for growth. I will patiently listen to your troubles, try to illuminate aspects you were unaware of, help you understand what is going on, and together we will find a way to deal with your problems better. This is a joint journey and my support and guidance can make it a worthy journey, leading you to self actualization.

Whether the symptoms are depression, anxiety, or marital problems, my focus is always on the relational aspect and how these symptoms disrupt your life. My specialty is relationship issues, applied to individual, couple and group therapy.

My expertise in group therapy enables me to provide the optimal therapy modality, because some people are suitable for individual therapy, and some benefit more from a group. Other times, a combined therapy is the best way to encompass the problems from all aspects.


Professional Bio

Dr. Weinberg is a licensed psychologist in California (PSY 23243) & Israel, in private practice in Sacramento, California, with more than 35 years of experience. He is also a group analyst and Certified Group Psychotherapist. He is past President of the Israeli Association of Group Psychotherapy and of the Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society, and list-owner of the group psychotherapy professional online discussion forum. Dr. Weinberg was the Academic Vice-President of the Professional School of Psychology in which he created and coordinates an online doctoral program in group psychotherapy and marital therapy. He published books on Internet groups and about Fairy Tales and the Social Unconscious, and co-edited a book about the large group and a series of books about the social unconscious. He is on the clinical faculty of Psychiatry at UC Davis Medical Center and Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and of the International Group Psychotherapy Association, as well as a Distinguished Fellow of the Israeli Group Psychotherapy Association. He has received several awards including the Harold Bernard Group Psychotherapy Training Award and the Ann Alonso Award for Excellence in Psychodynamic Group Therapy.

About Me

I grew up in Israel and moved to California in 2006. As an Israeli, I am interested in social justice and involved in dialogue groups, both with Palestinians and with different subgroups in the Israeli society, which led me to establish and direct the training program for group leaders in a multicultural society at the Bet Berl college. Living most of my life in Israel left its imprint on my personality and I am probably more direct than many Californians, however I have learned to integrate the best parts of the American and Israeli culture.

I finished my MA in clinical psychology at the university of Haifa, Israel in 1982, and became licensed in Israel in 1986. I completed my PhD studies at the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006 about Groups, their Cultures, and the Internet Unconscious.

I am very involved in the international community of group therapists, and I love traveling around the world to meet people, deepen my connections with colleagues and friends, and participate and lecture in conferences. I am considered one of the pioneers of online group therapy and developed an expertise in using online video conference group meetings. My professional interests lie in the areas of group processes and group therapy, multicultural issues, conflict resolution, trauma groups, Large Groups and the Social Unconscious.


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