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Our groups focus on interpersonal issues.  Group psychotherapy helps people resolve their emotional difficulties and encourages their personal development.  Groups can become a source of support in times of stress and change.  Our focus on interactions and feedback helps people resolve relationship difficulties and identify and change problematic behaviors.  Connecting with others and their varied points of view helps people develop more empathy and improve their relationship skills. Group therapy is really our love. To learn more  click here.

The following therapy groups are available.  Please contact us with questions or to schedule an initial screening appointment to determine the best fit for you.


Interpersonal Process Group – Mixed Gender

Location: Davis
Facilitator: Martha Gilmore, PhD
Phone: 530-757-6861
Day:  Every Tuesday
Time: 6:00 to 7:20 PM

Interpersonal Process Group – Mixed Gender

Location: Midtown Sacramento
Facilitator: Haim Weinberg, PhD and Krissy Schwerin, MD
Phone: 916-212-6424
Day:  Every Tuesday
Time: 1. 6:45 to 8:15 PM. 2. Late night group: 8:30-10 PM.

Online Training/Process Groups for Therapists

Facilitator: Haim Weinberg, PhD
Phone: 916-212-6424
Day:  1. Every Tuesday. 2. Every Friday
Time: 1. 4-5:45 pm PDT. 2. 10-11:30 am PDT

Please contact us to inquire about this option.