The Sacramento Center for Psychotherapy provides individual, couple, and group psychotherapy to the public. We provide a warm and welcoming environment for clients to safely explore their issues and make the changes they desire.

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy provides a safe place to explore your inner world in order to identify and experiment with changes you need to make to enjoy life more fully. Our approach is to focus on the early influences on your life including the family and cultural contexts that help shape you. We provide a supportive environment in which to develop more satisfying ways of living your life today.

Couple Psychotherapy

In our couples work, we address both communication difficulties and the underlying emotional wounds that are often triggered by the intensity of important intimate relationships.  We help couples learn to express their needs, take responsibility for themselves, and deepen their connection to each other.  We are comfortable working with couples that come from different cultures as well as with same-sex couples.  We combine a number of different couple’s therapy techniques including EFT, Imago, and family systems.

Group Psychotherapy

Our groups focus on interpersonal issues.  Group psychotherapy helps people resolve their emotional difficulties and encourages their personal development.  Groups can become a source of support in times of stress and change.  Our focus on interactions and feedback helps people resolve relationship difficulties and identify and change problematic behaviors.  Connecting with others and their varied points of view helps people develop more empathy and improve their relationship skills. To learn more about our current groups click here .

How to Choose the Best Group Therapy for You – click here

Online Group Psychotherapy

We provide group therapy online for those that are out of the immediate area or unable to leave home (using a free application that provides high quality audio and video
feeds).  Research has shown that online groups are as effective as face-to-face groups.

Fees And Insurance

We have standard fees which we will discuss with you when we make an appointment. We are not contracted with any insurance providers but are glad to provide statements for you to pursue reimbursement from your health insurance. You should check with your provider in advance to see what is required. We do not accept Medicare or MediCal and they will not provide reimbursement.

Contact Haim Weinberg at or call 916-212-6424.

Contact Martha Gilmore at or call 530-757-6861.